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Why handle analogue data if you can digitalize them and transmit effectively with inexpensive wiring or wireless communication?​

Why use expensive and proprietary data acquisition systems if you can generate and transmit digital data at sensor level making every sensor a digital terminal using open standard communication protocols?

What about having modular solutions being able to handle multiple sensor types?​

Sensing solutions to measure

- Colour
- Pressure
- Flow
- Force
- Temperature
- Torsion, compression, bending
- Acceleration
- Vibration
- Load cell
- Oxygen

Software solutions / PLC

- Digital data streamed real time to Linux or Windows machines, PLC.
- Data analysis such as median, standard deviations, and other depending on your needs.
- Sensing data transmitted using standard open protocols (OPC-UA, TCP IP, UDP).
- Data post-processing: time analysis; csv raw data files (possibility to downsample); time/frequency analysis; frequency analysis; file manipulation.