How we work


Specify a problem

Our first step together is a discussion on your sensor needs and requirements. Together, we define the environment where the system will be installed, the constraints and the interfaces.


Design a solution

After defining a specification, we propose a concept solution. We like modular, flexible and scalable solutions. You reached out to us after others have failed. We won’t.


Fast demonstration and rapid prototyping

The best way to achieve success is not by writing lengthy documents, but through action.  We like to build a demonstrator and test it in a realistic environment. We will deliver a working solution in minimum time.


Data streaming, visualization & analysis

We like open source IoT data communication (OPC UA, TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT). Our sensor protocol will enable you to adapt and create your own solution.


Scaling solution to production

After proto testing, your sensing solution will be scaled to production.

What we provide

Research & Development

Give us your specification or tell us your needs and we develop the specifications for the required sensing solution together. We then select an off-the-shelf solution based on existing products or define, design and develop a custom sensing solution delivering the right data.

Prototyping, Testing & Qualification

We deliver a prototype or adapt an existing solution to your particular requirements. If we need to develop prototypes, and demonstrators, they will be tested under real conditions to remove technical risks early in the process.

Software Development

Software development is an essential part of delivering useful data. We deliver the best sensing solution allowing you to visualize data in real time and validate the solution. Our software uses open protocols to stream the data in any useful way to a laptop, SBC, PLC or SCADA system by wire or wireless.

Data Visualization, Analysis & Reporting

We provide our expertise to analyze your data and deliver information. Data analysis work will deliver the required information.

Production & Certification

Scaling a prototype solution previously tested is straightforward with our modular technologies. We can also support with all required certification.


You know that you are looking for an IoT solutions but you don't have the entire picture yet? Tell us about your requirements, we can walk through the best IoT solution for you.